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company profile

With a Thought to Build a Better Society with Better Pharmaceutical Products, Trimax Bio Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has been Conceived to Manufacture Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with Production Capacity about 400 tons per Annum with a Capital Cost of Rs.60 Crores at Raichur Industrial Estate.

R&D is the Foundation of our Success in Bringing New Products to Market. Highly-Skilled Scientists are Part of our Team and they Work Towards the Discovery, Design of Novel & Effective Pharmaceutical Agents, Processes and Technologies.

And so, we Wish to be a Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Healthcare and Significant Global Player at Reasonable Price. Therefore with an Edge in Scientific Expertise to Develop New and Improved Products , Product Line Extensions, Manufacturing Technology, Expertise and Infrastructure, we at Trimax Wish to Bring to Build a Healthy World.

Trimax - Life Line Needs

our vision

To be Leading Company in Healthcare & Significant Global Player. Aiming to Strengthen Business Partnerships in Development, Product Supply & Marketing by adopting Corporate Culture and Sharing Expertise, Technology & Infrastructure.

our mission

Human Resources are Most Valuable Asset to Drive our Growth. We Committed for Customer Satisfaction by Products, Services, Technology and World Class R & D Facilities. We Aim to Grow as Good Corporate Citizens by adopting High Ethical Standards in our Practices.

Our core values


Always learning

Established by Well Qualified and Highly Skilled Young Generation Entrepreneurs.

Dedicated, Committed and Hardworking Nature.

Latest Technology

Very Good Research and Development Facilities.
Latest Equipment in Quality Control Lab.
Massive Infrastructure & Utmost Safety Environment.
High Skilled Technical & Management Staff.

Safety & Quality

Committed Individually & Collectively to Guarantee Quality, Safety & Efficacy of Medicinal Products. Our Infrastructure & Procedures will support a Stringent Quality to Maintain Public Health, Customer Policies and Safe Working Environment for our Resources.

Care for Environment

Will have Regular Reviews for Continuous Improvement in Targets of Energy Resources Conservation, Waste Reduction, Recycling & Chemical Management. We will Ensure Guidelines of EC, PCB to take care and Protect the Environment for Future Generations.

Our key strengths


Facility Briefs

  • Built-up Area of 17,967 Sq Meters.(Civil Completed).
  • Facility Area of 8.39 Acres (33,955 Sq Meters).
  • Facilities & Infra Project Cost's Rs 60 Crores.
  • Supporting Infrastructure, Related Licenses and Permissions Obtained for Future Expansion.

Location Facts

  • Located in Raichur which is 180 Km from Hyderbad.
  • Inside Chemical Zone of Industrial Area Surrounded by Bulk Drug Companies (Shilpa Medicare & Raichem).
  • No Power Cuts, Plenty of Water & Human Resources, Connected with Road, Rail and Air Transport.

Our Team

  • Proposed Manpower of 230 Resources.
  • 10 Resources in Senior Management.
  • 5 Resources in Key Technical Roles.
  • 100 Resources in Technical & Admin Support.
  • 115 Resources in Works and Security Areas.
  • Living up to highest industry standards

Providing first class API Products worldwide.

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